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We all have stories to tell. Nothing is better than the ones that hold our attention, keep us on the edge of our seats, and make us beg for more. Naturally, each of our client’s stories is unique. Whether it’s about their latest product, how they outshine the competition, or why their service differentiates them from their market; we help them to communicate.

Whether it’s about their latest product, how they outshine the competition, or why their service differentiates them; we boldly communicate their vision.


Hollywood effects are now affordable.
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Our services cover a wide range of media. With so many different avenues to communicate today, consistency ends up being forgotten. Thanks to years of international experience, this common curse can be lifted and consistency running full throttle. What’s better – we’ve implemented methods to control cost closer than the competition.. that’s right, that is our secret sauce – HIGH QUALITY WORK with dramatic SAVINGS. Whether it’s in support of agency partnerships or working directly with a client, we have the means to take any project successful from concept to completion.


Brand Identity

Aside from the product or service that you offer, your brand is the most important part of your business. Some argue that it’s more. Whatever the case, we understand how perception is reality. We work to successfully develop the appropriate image for each customer.


Yes this is the DIGITAL AGE, but there are so many ways to interface with a customer. Never underestimate the power of print. MIM is well versed in digital media but our best friend is still a pencil.


Internet presence means so much more than a fancy website. Not only should it communicate consistent elements of your marketing strategy, but a website should function. We develop sites that ‘work’. Oh, and they look great too.


If a picture says 1000 words it’s not hard to understand why multimedia communicates so effectively at 30 pictures per second. Better use a calculator.

We’ve produced everything from national ad spots to brand-experience videos. Now that video spans so many different platforms; Broadcast, DVD, CD-rom, web streaming, and flash animation – we are your single-source for a smooth integration.


Proudly coloring outside of the lines since 1972. Clients typically find us head down more concerned with their projects than spending time saying, “look at me!” Clients have submitted awards in our behalf.

Oh hey.. we won?! – sweet.
( can we get back to work now? )